sunday bike ride。

This past Sunday I went on a little bike ride to visit the new and still in process expo center in Hanyang. On my way to visit the third largest expo hall in China, I made a quick stop to revisit the opera and performance art center, that sets right off of the Han River. My frist visit to the opera house was last year, during the 47th ISOCARP conference. It turned into like any other day a maze of over, under and making my way past construction sites and eight lane roads.

When I finally made it to my destination, there was nothing there but a massive collection of 12 exposition halls. I was unable to get access into the expo hall but the overall grandeur of the exterior dwarfed human scale. What is still to come is the Intercontinental Hotel,  Holiday Inn, Office Building and of course the Indoor Ocean Park. What is in the works is the skeleton of the conference center. Hanyang is being positioned to become home to the international community with the US consluate being planned in the area.

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