strangers to friends in five questions。

I have become very good at summing up my life to compete strangers, here in China. And on becoming aware of this fact, I’ve come to some sort of conclusion (surely there will be more, as it is hard for me to stop thinking about such facts). Of course this fact has come to realization with the help of the strangers, themselves. They all seem to have something in common and that something is they all have similar if not the same questions.

Five questions to be exact: 1. How old are you? 2. What do you do?  3. Are you single? 4. How long will you be in China? and 5. Do you like China? This whole process of asking the questions takes the whole night. One because they lead to smaller questions but mainly because it takes them about twenty minutes to ask one question. They stop after each word, giggle, laugh, ask their friends if they are asking it correctly and then continue.

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